Welcome to the Department of Demography!

Our Department combines demographic research and teaching at the University of Vienna.

Demography is the scientific study of changing population size and structures. It analyses and mathematically models the multiple structures of human populations by age, sex, place of residence, level of educational attainment, labor force participation and other essential demographic characteristics of individuals. It focusses on the determinants of such changes – in particular, fertility, mortality and migration – and assesses the aggregate level consequences of past, current and future population changes on society, economy and environment.


On 10 November 2022 Wolfgang Lutz received an Honorary Doctorate of Arts in Demography from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Population Europe brings together population experts to explore questions from the major demographic changes in the last decades to future dynamics.

Eva Beaujouan received the Jan M. Hoem Award for her outstanding achievements on the intersection of social policy and family demography.

Sonja Spitzer was honoured with the prestigious Maria Schaumayer Stiftung award for her excellent doctoral dissertation.

Older people in particular often overestimate their health. New findings by Sonja Spitzer and Mujaheed Shaikh.

Eva Beaujouan and her team investigate the biological, individual and contextual conditions related to this desire. Photo: ©RIVA, Maddalena Carrai