Master Thesis

To complete the master's programme, students are expected to write a master's thesis. Guidance and feedback during this process is provided through individual interaction with the thesis supervisor. There are also a limited number of opportunities to write a master's thesis as part of ongoing research projects.

§ 6 Master thesis

  1. The master thesis serves to demonstrate the student’s ability to achieve adequate standards of content and methodology when independently addressing scientific topics. The assignment for the master's thesis must be chosen in a way that the student can reasonably be expected to complete it within six months.
  2.  The topic of the master thesis must be taken from one of the compulsory modules. If a different topic is selected or if there is uncertainty regarding allocation of the selected topic, the competent body responsible for study matters should decide on whether or not it is admissible.
  3. The master thesis must be written in English and comprises 25 ECTS credits.

    Source: Curriculum Master Programme Global Demography


We recommend that you begin with the following procedure once you have completed all courses from Modules 1-3 and are taking the last courses from Module 4+5.